On A Chellee Night Out and About!!

November 26, 2022
The Back Room
1984 Bonita Ave
Berkeley, California 94704
8:00 PM

On A Chellee Night Out and About!!
Tonight, it is the night of the “Trifecta” I could not wait to hear these seasoned veterans of the Guitar. Now this is my first visit to The Back Room a music venue located in Berkeley California and, I found it quite comfortable, very Berkeley, laid back yet On It! You come here for the Music! 

Ooh! The Trifecta!

Listen you all, to have Lloyd Gregory, Calvin Keys, and Carl Lockett on stage …. Together?!!  I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see, hear, feel and flow with the magic moments they would share with us. The house was full all-in anticipation of the music that would sooth our souls. It’s the holidays! We’re full of Turkey and Ham and all kinds of goodies so let’s kick back and chill. Yes, and that’s exactly what we did.

The Back Room is an acoustic room, but the innovative Dr. Lockett always has something to share and to enhance the music with his knowledge of science and technology. I love the sounds this man creates on his guitar.

I call him the Chocolaty, Funky, Soulful Picking Trifecta. Now Lloyd Gregory is the Smooth, Sensual Fingering Jazz player that lays it down all around, no holds no bounds.   I truly enjoyed watching the audience fall under his spell during those magical moments. 

Lawd a’ Mercy! The Calvin of Keys just a Blues oozing’ all while Jazzing’ and bopping’ got us all finger popping. Yes, it was a nice night out and about downtown Berkeley.

The repertoire was beautifully varied of course with the holidays in mind! 

From Satin Doll to Sunny to Charlie Brown’s Christmas Time is Here to Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Misty, to Take Me Out to The Ball Game then closing with the theme from Mannix?!!! Yes, it was worth it, even with all the technical difficulties, the buzz of feeding back and then even Calvin oozed on up! Yes, he did on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” it was nice!  
Carl closed the evening and gave us a moment in time with the theme from “Mannix” I could see my girl Peggy his Black secretary and him leaving his office. That’s what music does to the very being of humanness …. It soothes and heals the soul, and the Trifecta had a holiday healing for all who were in attendance that Saturday night. Oh yes, they did!

It was a pleasure to see and share the evening with Afrikahn Dayvs, Charlie Russell, Rosa Maria and all the attentive folks out for the music that night.

The Back Room is cool, they care about the music and the musicians. Plus, you can bring your own refreshments or buy snacks from the Back Room Concessions.

I look forward to hearing more great music at The Back Room and The Trifecta!

Mechelle LaChaux aka Chellee Out and About